I am bit late on the bandwagon here after a busy week, but I just wanted to pick up on this story in the press last week.


How disappointing that edible food being thrown away by UK households is on the rise, despite all of the promotion and hard work which has gone into trying to reduce waste.

It raises the question that is this a sign that UK households are some way better off than in 2012 (when waste figures were lower)?  My own research and that of colleagues would say many are not. Of course other factors, lower food costs for example, also need to be taken into account.  Nevertheless, the number of people accessing the food bank I volunteer at has not gone down.

I certainly think there is scope for more to be done to educate households (including my own) of the different things that can be done with food which is reaching its best before date.  Jack Monroe  is of course excellent at this!  More thrifty food saving tips required.

Watch this space….