So this week I need to get rid of a mattress.  A mattress we’ve had for longer than I care to remember.  But I was initially at a loss as to what on earth to do with it and can it be recycled? Turns out it can.

After a bit of googling not only did I come across lots of places I can recycle my old mattress but also this fab website which aims to help people cut the amount of waste they create:

This got me thinking.  What about all of the other things that households want to get rid of but are unsure of what to do with them.  After a bit of googling (again) I found this:

So there’s a whole load of used but useable sofas which are basically rotting away….all because of missing fire safety labels.  Surely this is easily rectified with better labelling?  Labels which are not easy to remove and don’t appear in prominent positions which annoy owners.

Simple solution to what’s potentially a massive waste problem.