So I’ve neglected the blog a bit of late.  Mainly because I have been out and about interviewing for the project.  These initial interviews have been asking people about how they are thrifty with food.

Everyone has been fabulous and I’ve had a wonderful time rummaging through people’s cupboards.  Lots of interesting stuff has emerged from these chats which I’ll post more on when I’ve sorted it in my own head; not least the amount of kitchen equipment (and often crockery) we all keep and rarely use!!  There’s also been some really interesting discussions around leftovers and trying to prevent food waste.

And, as if reading my mind, Jack Monroe has in the last week or so produced this fabulous guide to using up leftovers – a must to be shared!

Don’t Throw That Away! An A-Z of leftovers, tired veg, etc and what to do with them.